Prominent Nigerians, by @ebutecastle

Some prominent Nigerian personalities in the public eye are ‘users and abusers’. I do understand the need and importance for privacy ! What do I mean?

Politicians, pop stars, artist and others canvas for your; votes, love and money (to buy or watch movies or records); in order to raise and maintain their status/ career.

Though when certain incidents happen; such as health scares, accidents and minor personal issues- those same personalities, prefer to leave the public to mercy of rumour-mongers and unconfirmed news stories.

Why not issue statements, update websites or use social network site to inform people what’s going on?

Recently; rumours about Terry G’s involvement in a car accident are rife; It took a few days before the accident which eventually took the life of the late Dagrin to be confirmed. To date the circumstances sorrounding the death of Stella Obasanjo or Maryan Babadiga is still unclear despite several rumours and unconfirmed stories.

In as much everyone is entitled to a private life, at the same time, a line needs to be drawn.

There are lesson to be learnt from most things in life.

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