Sunrise & a poem.

I am like…

– by A. Sister

I am like the wind,

In my twirls and whines,

whispering in the boughs of the trees.

Pushing, tumultuous,

but playful, and kind.

I am like the sea,

Or is it the rain?

Water still, calm before the storm

Tempestuous though,

Do you feel my chains?

I am like the earth,

dry and cracked in the heat of the day,

but a cool resting place at night.

I am solid like the earth,

Do you feel my plight?

I am like the fire,

A hearth, or a warm stove,

at the very heart of the house.

Warming those I come across,

before I burn myself out.

But above all that,

above all else:

Aside from the tempest of the wind,

beyond the pitter pater of the rain,

the downward tread on the earth,

and below the heat of the fire…

I am like the muslim,

Striving for the middle way

Walking, Searching, Looking, Seeking;

For the path I must choose everyday.

Leaving yesterday behind,

Living in today, and waiting patiently for tomorrow.

I am like the muslim,

Taking the best from the rich earth,

Leaving no silt behind me,

Cleaning and clearing as I go,

Sweeping up like the wind.

I am like the muslim,

In that I seek my mercy when the rain pours,

but still stand in front of the hearth,

Drying off the raindrops,

and sitting, and bowing…

Like the boughs of the wind blown tree,

Steady like the earth,

Warm like the fire,

And calm like the water.

I am like the muslim,

Who sets aside their stuff

pulls out the rug.

Saying it’s okay,

It’s time to pray.

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