I’ve Been Journal-ing!


Extracted at approximately 04:35 am.

Quote: / (Paraphrase of the day: )

    Thursday 24th November 2011

Never insult my mother. I will smack you. No lie... It’s 04:40, and I’ve woken up with a physical need-like, in my chest for a hug from Ummi Arabic for female Leader (loose translation) (my mum).

I guess it’s not true what they say (lol). You can go into family withdrawal. I miss them with a mighty passion; the likes of which are difficult to articulate. See what I mean about me getting more English (language-wise) the more emotional I get.

      Doesn’t everyone miss their mum though?
      Surely I’m allowed that luxury?!
      Ugh. Need to go back to sleep.
    Lots of thoughts.

But; Perhaps not. My brain does it’s best work at this time.

      I am the metaphorical early bird,
      that catches the worm,
    and stays up late to eat it.


Good Morning World!

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