Bipolar- Mood Management

I feel like I’ve been off the blogosphere for a while. I’m feeling a bit poorly today, and have had to miss photography class 😰. Thought I’d make the most of this day off and do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while (post wise).
I had my last couple of meetings with my psychologists at the beginning of this month and we had a really useful last couple of sessions. I wanted to share this bipolar mood management thingamajig.


It looks a bit crumpled and I had to do some rummaging amongst my various notebooks for it but its still intact- so let’s get to it

So at the top it says:

it’s helpful to keep an eye on what your mood’s doing, how it fluctuates, and what you and others notice about you when your mood starts to go low or high. Living with bipolar is a balancing act- the aim being to stay within the area around 0 on the scale below, when you’re most healthy and balanced

20130214-113710.jpg⬅(better picture of the scale)

After this it says to fill in the boxes below, thinking about what you start to feel like, the way you start to think, and what you do when you start to become high or low, and when you are very high or low. It also says to ask a close friend or family member to help you as they may notice things about you which you might not be aware of.

So then beneath that it has a the scale, underneath which is a table with five headings. “Very low mood”, “starting to get low”, “well, healthy, balanced”, “starting to get high”, and “very high mood”.

There are subheadings in each section of the table, “what I think”, “what I feel- physical sensations & emotions”, and “what I do”.

So I managed to fill this in, and I think it’s a really useful tool. This material was taken from this website.
I’ve not included my own answers – just because. If you want to get one for yourself or someone you know to use you’ll be able to find it at the link I just provided.

This is my first post relating to bi-polar. Hopefully I’ve put myself across well.

What do you think about this post? Did you find it useful?
Happy Thursday 🙂



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