The Big Move

I’ve put this post off for a while. I’m not particularly sure why. I guess it was just the fact that I’ve been pretty busy, and I tend to lean towards procrastination.
Anywho hello! As you know, I’m moving house. I’m really very excited. Honestly, I keep getting these short sharp bursts of giddiness, where I grab hold of the nearest person and ‘squee’.

I think one of the major things I’m looking forward to is having a bedroom. I currently reside in a studio apartment. My living room -cum- bedroom always looks very lived in.
Another thing I can’t wait to get started with is decorating and D.I.Y. I have a couple projects in mind. I’ve already been to B&Q to pick up colour catalogues and scope out possible things I might need.
Plus today, I went to Blackfen, to this really nice thrift shop, that has furniture, and I’ve seen a couple pieces that I like.
I think overall it will just be so lovely to have a place of my own.

I’ve sort of glossed over this in previous posts: where I live now is a temporary supported housing project. So there’s loads of rules about what you can and can’t do, like how long you can leave the property for before they ‘kick you out’. Though all in all I’m very fortunate, I know there are places out there in much worse condition to where I am.

Anyway I’m very excited!!!!!!!!
Honestly God is really the best of planners. Yano. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m happy to be moving on.

I went for the viewing maybe two weeks ago. The window in the kitchen had been smashed and boarded up by the council, and the bathroom was in a state. They assured me however that they would be remodelling both the kitchen and the bathroom before I moved in, which is the main reason that there was such a long gap between the viewing and the big move.
Obviously when going to view a house, broken glass in the kitchen, and work men’s buckets in the bath tub doesn’t exactly sell the place to you. I tried to look past this though. And honestly it has plenty of potential.

The kitchen isn’t massive, but it’s not ridiculously cramped either…

Then the downstairs room (I haven’t decided whether I want to use this as the living room, or make it a bedroom) is surprisingly spacious.


Then one of the really big selling points is the fact that it’s not really a flat, so much as it’s a maisonette. It has an upstairs!


I quite like the bathroom’s windows. I didn’t take a picture of them, but they are very cool, as the bathroom is actually in the roof, or what would be the roof had it not been a bathroom.


The room upstairs is on the small side though, which is why I’m not sure whether I want it as a bedroom.


So that’s it. The big move post. I can finally check that off my to do list. ย ๐Ÿ˜Š

Happy Monday.
Hope y’all are having a great day.


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