Where did all the time go?

Hello people 🙂

So, I tried writing a post, maybe a week ago- I accidentally deleted the draft, then gave up out of frustration. I feel like I’ve been pretty busy, though looking back I can’t exactly pin point what’s taken up so much of my time.
I know I’ve had a lot to do with planning sessions for my scouts colony recently, and I have been gearing up for July’s camp NaNoWriMo session, and well job hunting, and studying for my driver’s license… But it’s just like “where did all the time go”?
Oh well, I’ve had more productive days this month, than I had last month, especially what with both my cooker, and my freezer breaking down within a month of purchase.
Anyway I thought I’d do a quick entry to let you guys know that I’m still alive 🙂

Oh! Speaking of camp NaNoWriMo I made this.


You guys please help me make it to 50000. I want this to be the nano I finally win.


That’s all for now,
Take care

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