My Cabin mates rawk!

So, yesterday I managed to write 2,296 words. Today so far, I’ve managed a grand total of 0.
What with zonking out at about 10:30pm yesterday, and being run off my feet this morning, I’ve not had a chance to write, as I type this I’m on the bus to Scouts, where I shall be preoccupied for another one and a half hours.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge my scouts colony or anything, I’m just hoping I can crank out some words.
My cabin mates have managed to bring out my competitive side – if I can bring my word count up by, say, another 17000 words, then I get the honorary title of ‘Fore-Lady’.
I want that title so bad 😋

Anyhlwho, my cabin mates rawk! (Rock). Here’s something I made in tribute to them 😜


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