A ridiculously long medical entry

I absolutely hate having to refill my prescription. So much so that when I was signing up to my new doctor, I considered ticking the box that said I wasn’t able to go to a pharmacy to fill my prescription, and would need to be given my medication by the doctor.

I didn’t, because I thought, some people probably actually need that service more than I do- and because my reasons aren’t a physical thing, rather a mental thing I should just suck it up, and not be lazy.

Isn’t that the impression most people have of mental illness though? Shouldn’t I consider that my aversion to prescription filling, which only really comes into play on terms of my bi-polar meds might just be symptom related. I mean considering how hard it was for “them” (them being the general term for medical care professionals) to get me to take the my pills readily and willingly, shouldn’t I give myself a break in this regard.

Understand I don’t mean, not get my prescription filled, but maybe I should talk to my care worker/ psychiatric nurse, tell her about it.

It’s not really an issue now though, so I guess I’ll continue getting out, and filling my prescription, which I think is good in a way, for me anyway, as it forces me to go to the surgery, and then the pharmacy semi-regularly. Which means if I have any other ailments, i’ll be in the vicinity of “them” and have the opportunity to take any other health concerns up with them.

There was a bit of a to do with refilling my prescription this time round though… My new surgery, is partnered with another surgery, also not far from my new house. When my care working came-a-calling last Wednesday, she asked about my meds. I told her I was refilling my prescription on the Friday of that week. She asked whether I had enough meds til’ then. I told her I may have missed a couple of days.

That’s the thing I really like about my care worker (gosh that phrase is getting to be so long, lets just call her C, ’cause that’s what her name starts with)… She gets straight down to the business of solving a problem.

Then and there she said let’s call your Gp, and try and get you down there today, to pick up a prescription. no judgement, or ‘oh no, I’m really worried’ eyes. She got that it wasn’t… Idk an indicator that I was relapsing, though she did say to me, “what would happen if you relapsed” when I was like “oh, I can just pick up one on Friday, when I’m at the doctor’s”…

Anywho, the phone line for the new GP was busy, so we called their partner practice. Here is where we encountered, the frazzled receptionist. I’d like to excuse her, given that she must have been having a busy morning buuuuut… I dunno.

I’ll tell you what happened and you can make up your own mind.
C called the partner GP practice, and put the phone on speaker phone. She asked if it would be possible to arrange for a prescription to be written for her client today, me, as the client had not taken her medication for a couple days, and further elaborated that it was a mental health matter, and as such there was a risk of relapse.

The frazzled receptionist was very curt “that will have to be an ermegency appointment. Are you saying you want to book an emergency appointment?”
C replied that well it was an emergency situation then, because as she’d explained not taking your meds for mental health was serious.

The frazzled reception’s response was something to the effect that the client, myself, should have filled out a prescription sooner, and why hadn’t I done that.

C responded that of course I should have, but that could the receptionist consider, that it was a mental health issue, that it’s a symptom, and that the problem was the fact that I hadn’t taken my meds for some days, could the receptionist see the problem here, that I needed to get my prescription filled.

To which the frazzled receptionist asked cuttingly “so do you want an emergency appointment or not”
C said “we do.”

The receptionist then said, I kid you not: ” I just don’t think it’s fair, that she should call up and get an emergency appointment,” 😧- that was my face. I mean fair enough I should have filled my prescription, and yeah it didn’t seem like a major emergency, but it could have been.

Anyway, C got the lady’s name, and asked for her care somethingmanager’s (i forget what it was) name and number and I ended up cancelling the emergency appointment and getting my prescription filled at the heights by Dr.JW, my Psychaiatrist- at the practice where C works, though isn’t based.

The point is though, that the frazzled receptionist was hardly sensitive to the fact that it was a mental health issue. Now I’m not saying she should have been more lenient or anything, but to blatantly say it wasn’t fair for someone with a mental health issue to get an emergency appointment to refil their meds… Well, I don’t think that’s right either.

I’m glad that when I chose my new GP I signed up to the one I did, and not the partner practice. Needless to say I was a bit wary when I had my first appointment with the new surgery. Everything went okay, in terms of the doctor and the receptionists, they were pleasant, and I liked my new doctor, this is where I segue into the reason I actually wrote this entry, I’m having blood work done next Wednesday.

My old GP, had some blood tests done, and it showed up that I was marginally ESR, so my new Doctor wants to get my blood results again as things might have changed since the last time. She did reassure me that I needn’t be too worried though. Hopefully everything will be fine, though hearing that I was marginally ESR did have my googling it, and I know i’m not a doctor, but because I saw somewhere, that in some cases it can be related to anaemia, I feel (weirdly) at ease about it. If it is linked to my previous bouts with anaemia them I feel well equipped to deal with it.


So this concludes my medical entry … Hope I didn’t bore the pants off you, but you, but I needed to write this out.
And now an unrelated picture that I stole from “Totally Unserious”‘s tumblr.


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