The path

To the most Merciful, the most Generous, my Creator.

I’m sorry.
I was walking on this path,
And now I feel I’ve fallen off,
I’m not even facing the same direction anymore.

Surely I did this,
Through my own error,
Following something that seemed better than what you promised.

Bu there’s nothing better,
Than your promise.

Oh Allah,
There is nothing better for me,
Than what you have written,
And I do not need anything,
That will make you displeased with me.

It was very foolish of me,
To stray from the path you set me on,
And I’m so sorry.

Please forgive me,
And help me get back on track.
Please don’t let me get disorientated,
Don’t let me forget my goal,
Don’t let me forget that what I want most is your pleasure,
For you to be happy with me,
And for me to one day be in your beautiful company.

Please forgive me.

A regretful slave

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