The sisters I chose

We all have a family we are born into. Alhamdulilah (all praise is due to Allah). We may or may not always get on with them or like them, or even live with them, or know them that well, or understand the language they speak, or their modes and methods for getting things done. They are however … our family, both a test and a blessing.
In fact they often demonstrate that they are a test and blessing in the same breath.

This post isn’t about them today. Today this post is about those people we adopt into our life as family. Today’s post is about the sisters I chose for myself.

Alhamdulillah, the road my life has travelled so far has been filled with potholes, pitfalls, and rest stops. It has also been filled with the wind in my hijab, the sun on my back, and laughing voices in the backseat of the vehicle of my life.

I have sisters from Italy, and sisters from Singapore, sisters from Spain, and sisters from The Phillipines, sisters from The Gambia, sisters from Nigeria, and sisters from America. TabarakAllah! (Blessed Allah) May Allah grant them goodness, guidance, sakinah (tranquility), pure intentions, and blessings; in this life and the next.

Current view on the road
Current view on the road

Forever and a day…

Salamu walaykum, (Allah’s peace be upon you)

It feels like ages since I’ve posted anything here, and I’m pretty sure I was sitting down to write a post last week, but I can’t find it in my drafts, and I don’t seem to have posted it, so perhaps that was a dream?

Any who, how are you?
How are you doing? What’s new in your life?

Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to Allah) I’ve been really busy, and blessed lately. You probably know by now, that I prefer it when I’m busy, and my mind is being engaged, and I’ve got to make use of my reminder app, my phone’s calendar, the calendar in my living room, and my organiser to get everything done.


If you didn’t know…. Now you do! I’m always at my most efficient, when I’m busy, and I’m aware that every moment counts.

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… <3


salamu walaykum 🙂 (Peace be upon you )

That noise up there? It’s the contented sigh of my heart.
Please don’t mind my cheesiness, I’m just, happy alhamdulilah (all praise is due to Allah). A lot of new things have happened since the last time I posted anything, and you know despite any of the new complications or struggles, or even challenges, that new things tend to sometimes invite, I can truly say that I am one happy bunny.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve probably figured out, that when something really good happens in my life, I tend to not want to share that news with people immediately… I don’t know why that is exactly… and if I try to examine my reasoning too closely …. it might bring up some interesting results. So i’ll just leave it at that.

I’m sure someone reading this recognises that feeling of not wanting to share your good thing immediately… a sort of protective feeling if you will, like not wanting to expose a new sapling to too much to quickly, for fear that it might stunt it’s growth…

Just a request: please keep me in your prayers, you’re in mine 🙂