…. A long cold winter

سلامواليكم – salamu alaykum- peace be upon you,

I know, once again, it’s been ages since I posted anything of note on here. I have such valid excuses though 😛

My Excuses

1) arabic grammar is kicking my butt.
I have to devote a lot of time to reading during my week, if I have any hope of actually learning arabic.

2) British sign language linguistics is also getting in on kicking my butt.

Yeah, a lot of reading/ studying going on right now, and with an exam coming up in January, I’ve got to be on top of things ^_^

3) I’m studying for my driving exams.
I need a licence, and a car, and I need to be off public transport ASAP bi’ithni’llah.

4) I feel pretty unwell right now. Some sort of winter virus combo… Flu/ cold, you name it 😊

Still I just wanted to let you guys know, I am still alive, and kicking 😀

Take care lovelies
Salaamu alaykum


Here have a picture 🙂


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