When your world shakes

  I sit here and quake,

And tears flood my eyes,

As I think about how losing you

Has given breath to a deep sadness

And at the same time has welled

Springs of gratitude.

My little love,

Gone before I even knew

How much I could fully come to love you.

You were the first,

An eye cooling droplet.

I sit here and contemplate

That losing you,

and having you to begin with

Came from one of my biggest mistakes.

But look at the Greatness

Of the One that causes the earth to shake!

That loss could be my win

In fact the biggest blessing

And wipe away my sins.

That the tears that ran so hot

Pouring forth from a burnt heart

Could be cleansing and healing,

And eventually, cooling.

Calling me ever near

To the One

that caused me

To find your life so dear.

That I learnt from losing you

Where it was I should store my love.

That I learnt from your being washed away,

That there is  a wide shore of Mercy.

Wide enough to keep

All the love in the world

Of the mothers who weep,

And the fathers who loose sleep.

That for you,

And those who come after you,

The love that follows

Innately imbued

In the heart of a human

Is only a droplet,

A tiny reflection.

That if you come to this shore,

And that droplet falls,

And the loss has you floored,

You can swim in that sea of Mercy.

You can swim,

In the deepest love

You’ve ever known,

And find your solace,

In the Greatness of the One

Who causes the world to shake!

© 2015 Azeezat A.B. Aboderin

Bonus, a reading by the author 🙂

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