Black Girls Are Beautiful

Black girls are beautiful, from the lightest tones to the deepest hues, with the deepest of dark, or most translucent light colour eyes, the beat of our hearts and the strength of our laughter.
Black girls are beautiful, from the quietest most meek seeming, to the loudest most in your face, the colour of our skin is simply a beautiful marker, of the number of days the sun shines down on us, and shined down on our mothers, and their mothers before us. 
Black girls are warmth, tenderness, and laughter, and heat, and passion. Fierce, and taking none of your nonsense, loving so deeply, and strongly, to protect that love we might just shatter you, yet there is a vulnerability, not all of you get to witness. 
That vulnerability coming partly from the innate nature of a human, compounded by how the outside tries to confine us, put down, brow beat, rough shodden, at times left unprotected. 
Black girls are strength through and through, busting out of boxes meant to define, but we are sublime. If you ever see the flash of our teeth, smiling or grimacing they shine, know that our spirit will never decline. 
Black girls are beautiful, watch us soar, everyday coming to love ourselves more and more.
This poem first appeared as a comment to this post and was written by yours truly. 

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