Crisis <3

As salaam alaykum,  Peace be upon you.

I’ve been away from my cosy little corner the internet for a while. Did you miss me? I’ve been busy looking after my new born baby 🙂 Alhamdulillah. I’ve found a few spare moments though to write this very important post.

This year, my mum and kid brother (who is not a kid but rather a young man, though I fear I may always think of him as my baby brother) will be volunteering and fundraising for Crisis. Sponsoring them, can help to provide a place for a homeless person at crisis this winter, this would include three nutritious meals a day, advice and year round access to services.

I first heard of crisis when I was in touch with mental health services. They are the leading national charity in the UK for single homeless people. They are committed to ending homelessness, changing the lives of homeless people for good, and changing the way society thinks and acts towards homeless people.



They have several different initiatives in place, and are always looking for people willing to donate their time, and or skills to help others.

Please consider sharing some of your wealth with people who could really make use of it. My Mum and brother’s sponsorship page can be found here.

Kind Regards

Azeezat A.B.A.

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