photo of bird flying
Photo by James Frid on Pexels.com


That is the fear

That whispers to her.

It tries to convince her

Of the following lies;

Your voice does not matter,

You are not worth listening to,

When you speak you are not heard,

There is no value to your words.


Fear does not know, 

That she found a place,

Full of listening ears,

And learning

That taught her to vanquish fear.


To step on it.

Two feet planted firmly

On the face of fear

And jump.

Bend down, shift your weight

And spring forth,


Soaring high

Using past failure

As a springboard

For growth

And change


Gleaning lessons

They teach her

To lessen the fear-

Not listen to lies.

Come to realise

That what she does

Stems from what she decides.


Her voice does matter.

She is worth listening to

When she speaks she is heard

There is value to her words


Fear let me tell you once more

Listen to the sound

Of the springboard


My voice matters

I am worth listening to

When I speak I am heard

There is value to my words.


This poem was birthed from my experience in the Evolve during Ramadan course run by LaYinka Sanni, and having spent time in a community of women who shared their story and listened to mine. ❤

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