Reading through your chosen lense

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Salaam alaykum, Peace be upon you, folks,

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Our youngest is starting to find his feet, and his interest in exploring various corners of our house has kept me on my toes. Anywho, today I was reading an email by Omar Usman who writes about the Fiqh of Social Media on Mosque Inreach vs Outreach, whilst I enjoy reading his emails and find them to be full of thought provoking goodness, (hence me feeling like I need to read them when I have the time and quiet to do so with at least a little bit of concentration), I realised that this morning, at least, I was reading the article with my parental sense on. Certain phrases jumped out at me, and seemed to me to be sound advice for parenting, achieving a goal, things to do with my business…


Here’s one example.

“Whoever is tasked with the spiritual leadership, or shepherding, of the community must develop a vision for what that development (tarbiyyyah) process looks like over time and how to achieve it.”

This could be applied in so many different areas of life.

How many times does the lense/ mindset we currently have affect how we read things and/ or scenarios?

I’m making a commitment to write more often.

Take care,

Write to you soon, in’sha’Allah.

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