7 shades of excited- returning to uni

woman reading book
Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

I am all kinds of excited to be returning back to university.

I recently got my results back, and feel so grateful, and humbled. Some of the work I submitted was during some really challenging times for me, where I was emotionally distraught by things going on for me at the time, and stressed out about meeting certain deadlines, and really pushing myself to get my work done to a good standard. It just felt like my results were an example of God’s Grace on me, and a validation for the effort I put in.

Our module handbooks are being uploaded to moodle gradually, and looking over them, I can see that this term they’ve upped the ante, as well as the word counts :D. Im determined to write my assignments ahead of time so as to make use of feedback from student support and lecturers, I think that’s the way to really reach my goal of a first class degree. I can do it! I’m also looking forward to the structure that regularly going to uni brings.

Full of hope, excitement, enthusiasm, and determination.

What are you guys looking forward to of late?

Take care,

Fine words weave

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