9 hours ago, @rocksfilm released the official trailer to their film.

Ten minutes ago, I saw the trailer. I watched it. It left me in tears. The movie is release date is April 10, and I’ve already sent the trailer to a few friends.

I just am flummoxed, this is a film like notjing ive ever seen before. I’m 28 now. No longer a black teenager growing up in Britain, but wow if this didn’t just blow me away.

What choked me up was that instant sense of relating to the characters. Seeing parts of my everyday experience even in that brief snippet in the trailer. Who doesn’t remember the secondary school playground, doing hair selling bracelets, it’s just such a mood/ vibe, and I’m really really really proud of the team who put it together, the young ladies who star in it, and I just want it to succeed.

So in the space of twenty minutes I have become a stan and I’m sharing it with everyone I can.


That is all.

Also, loook at this

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