Not for the feint hearted

Counselling training’s not for the feint of heart!
I’m just going to jump straight in to this stream of consciousness entry, because that’s just about my speed today.

I think it’s normal for the second year of a degree to ramp things up a notch. It’s normal. It is also unexpected just how much of an impact that’s having on me in the context of lockdown single motherhood.

I am throwing myself into training, triads and the experiential elements of my course, and into personal counselling. It’s quite confronting, facing yourself again, and again, and again, week after week, being face to face with so many facets of yourself, and also getting on with the day to day of looking after myself, my children etc.

I have to believe that I have within me, all that I need to get to the places I’m heading to. I choose to believe it. It’s both a possibility and a necessity.

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