New Things & Old things

Dear you,

Today’s blog post comes in the style of a letter. I hope you are well, what have you been up to lately. I miss sharing my updates with you.

I imagine that when you subscribed to tnis little corner of the internet you probably saw something interesting, that you wanted to stay connected with. To be honest I’ve made so many attempts at “writing consistently” over the years, and each attempt has sort of fizzled out. 😂

Now though I actually understand why that is. (More on that in another post). Anyhow I just wanted to let you know that I’m figuring out a way to keep my updates all together, in one place, instead of spread across several mediums some of which I forget about, whilst updating others. All that to say, if you still want to stay connected, and get to hear about all the things, then sign up to my mailing list.

What does that mean for you? It means that when I host events through Soul Knit Grow or send out my monthly newsletter “Light Thinkers”, you can also be notified of that. You can always unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails if you’re no longer interested in staying in touch. So sign up to stay updated.

I also wanted to let you know as there’s quite a lot of new things happening lately, that I’ve been remiss in updating you about.

What new things you ask? Well I fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a published author and released my debut poetry collection, “A Soul Untameable”, I started a podcast “Fine Words Weave” (but you probably already knew about that right?). I’m also hosting a therapeutic journaling workshop called Remembering Ourselves.

So that’s an assortment of new things and old things, and new things that stemmed from old things.

I hope this comes as exciting news for you, and that you are well, and being kind to yourself.

Thank you for reading this letter, ‘speak’ soon.

With warmth

Fine Words Weave

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