Favourite Kind of Feedback

This is a short apprecition post for my favourite kind of feedback when it comes to poetry, my favourite kind to give and my favourite kind to recieve.

I adore when the feedback I recieeve about my poetry is about how a soecific line resonated with a person. What certain parts of the poem meant to them, and what it felt like listening to it.

This tends to be the same feedback I’ll givw. I like listeneing to sooken word, more so because of the emotional resonance can be felt (depending on a poets delivery and style). I like to pay attention to the words and the feelings, what it feels like to take in the poem, what I feel from the powt as they’re speaking their poem.

It’s a bit redundant to say I really like poetry, but I do. I really like it, I love how creative people can be with words, the play that can be found there. I like metaphorical poetry, and poetry that is seemingly metaphor-less. I enjoy the cadence and rhythm. There’s so much joy in poetry for me.

Thanks for your time. What are your thoughts on poetry?

With warmth

Fine Words weave


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