سلامواليكم – peace upon you.

I have so much blogging to catch up on, and studying, and general errands.

Anyway alhamdulilah (all) praise is due to Allah- my uncle got married on Saturday.

Watch this space for the nikkah & walimah post, the lush review I promised you, and some other bits and bobs.

Catch you later.

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Body shop, Lush, Primark: what does that spell… Shopping?

So last Thursday Ummi (thats arabic for my mum) sent me a little bit of money to buy some meat so I’d cook stew to have in the house for breaking my fast, ‘cos it is Ramadan :).

Having secured a promise, from one of my maternal uncles, to take me food-stuff & meat shopping, I decided to redirect the funds my mum sent me into buying other needed  things(okay wanted, I didn’t absolutely need these things) products :). I headed down to Stratford. The weather wasn’t as hot as it has been of late, so it was a nice little sojourn.

The first place I headed to was forever 21, I browsed a bit, didn’t end up buying anything, which is- a bit weird and- out of character, as normally whenever I go to forever 21, I buy something, I just really like the shop. Anyhow I went in to a few other shops I think, before remembering that I wanted to start dressing for the job I wish I had/ have been applying for.

Thats when I recalled I wanted to buy a blazer. It occurred to me that i had seen sone cute-cum-affordable-cum-smart jackets in Primark during spring, so that’s where i headed.

Not only did I find this lovely number


I also found these adorable ballet flats:


I also hit up The Body Shop, there I got some White Musk Libertine body moisturiser, which I definitely recommend. I’m surprised it works so well. Normally I have lots of problems with moisturisers not specifically tailored to African & sensitive skin. I find that my skin turns ashy/dry pretty quickly. So colour me impressed when this kept my skin moisturised all day.

At first the sales representative recommended their chocolate moisturiser (sorry I forget what it’s called) – she told me it was a 48h moisturiser, I might go back and pick some up at a later date. I told her I was looking for something with a musky scent though.

She took me to the front of the store, where they were actually having a promotion on some products. trying out the two musk moisturisers I decided on the Libertine, because I liked how it smelt best.
The sales representative said it had a combination of musks in it, and Shea butter.

I also signed up for the body shop discount card. 😊

I was on my way out of Westfields, when I spotted a Lush store. I didn’t know there was one in Stratford, even though I’d used their online store locator – as I’d been planning to check it out ever since I read this blog post from Eccentric Owl when I was going through the archives about two weeks ago.

Anyway I went in, and wandered around looking lost, because I couldn’t find a free sales assistant, and sort of taking in the smells ( the shop really does smell lovely), until this lovely lady came up to me to ask if I needed help. I told her I was looking for some hair products.
After a lovely time spent looking at different products, and explaining my hair needs, I was wearing my hijab…
She recommended three products for me. Curly Wurly shampoo, American cream conditioner, and R+B leave in conditioner. I asked for samples, and she happily obliged.

I am in love with Curly Wurly shampoo, when I get paid I’m buying it! I love what it does to my hair. The sales rep did explain to me that she used it herself, because it helped define her curls, but I was seriously amazed at what it did to my hair. I may buy the American Cream conditioner too, and I’ll probably end up buying the R+B leave in conditioner for when I don’t want to use product in my hair.

My one warning about Curly Wurly? Don’t let it get in your eyes, it hurts, though I suppose that’s true of a lot of shampoos.

Just thought I’d share that with you folks out there in WordPress land.
Have you guys found any great buys recently?

Let me know … I want to hear 🙂


Productive and Happy

Today, I feel very accomplished, despite the fact that I lost my bus pass yesterday, and am therefore (mostly) home bound until I get my replacement.

I did my pilates, sorted two loads of laundry, swept my house from top to bottom, unpacked and organised a whole suitcase of books and DVDs, applied for some jobs, and prayed sunnah prayers on top of the fard.

I think I deserve a pat on the back. 👏 Or at least a small round of applause. 😊 Just kidding, but I did well.

Anywho I wanted to share with you guys.
You see when I bought this cupboard,

I had no idea it would prove as much of a hassle as it has. It won’t go up the stairs! Three whole different sets of people have attempted, and failed.

So against my wishes it’s become a permanent fixture of my living room.

This is what I’ve done with it.


One side for excess clothes and…

The other side for ‘entertainment’, with the drawers being used for mail I need to keep, and the magazines I subscribe to.

So from now on I’ll be know as “that chick with a wardrobe in her parlour”. It has a nice ring to it. Don’t ya think?


Moving on, what have you lot gotten up to?

Hope you’re having an, if not happy- then at least productive Wednesday