Barbican, Not Barbican’t!

Peace, mercy, and blessings you beautiful human being you.

After my volunteer job, I decided to go on a mini city adventure. I popped on a barclays bike, and pedalled down the streets of London. I found myself at the Barbican.

Here are some pictures from my ‘adventure’.

city art
near the bike dock
trees reflected in structure
round structure with reflective circles
picture showing what's on each floor of the barbican
arriving at the library
at the library
Books layed out on table
open page of a textbook about british sign language
Bsl model of interpreting
autumn sunshine
autumn sunshine
a pretty spot



pavement with crispy autumn leaves
almost home

Other uses


So most of you who know me, know I can get through a lot of cinnamon in a month (this is about a month and a half’s worth though- nobody panic :))
Anyway I had these lined up to be put in the recycling bin. There’s something I want to paint though, and I was looking for a container to rinse my brushes in, when it occurred to me how useful these might be.
And honestly they’re perfect, and there’s enough of them that I can have a place to rinse each / similar colours. 😍 #gettingcrafty #reuse #reduce #recycle