Rebuild and Reimagine the World

Peace, Mercy, and Blessings people,

It’s happened again. I left off writing on here as things got very demanding in my day to day life. They still very much are, but it’s really early in the morning, I’m awake and relatively well rested and I have some time to sit with my thoughts and put them onto (web) page.

In this post I’m going to talk about the things that are keeping me busy, their significance, and then i’ll wrap up with some sort of meaningful conclusion.

Quite frankly I’ve been feeling the squeeze of time, now more than ever. One of the things I’ve been trying to be mindful about is being aware of how i talk about time. I think replacing “ we don‘t have enough time” with “may there be more barakah (blessing) in our time” it changes the way I operate in time. More consciously, and intentionally. It’s certainly necessary right now.

Alongside the usual fare of singleparenthood (not sure if i mentioned that new development on here – almost a year in and that could be a whole blog seties 😅) and being a full time student, I left the country for the first time in a decade. On my return I fell like Alice down the rabit hole into the world of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Cardano (ADA) & Catalyst, WADA (West Africa Decentralized Alliance) and more, all off the back of the serendipitous moment that I decided to say yes to appearing on AfroFinLab.

I said yes to AfroFinLab, and felt so welcome in that episode, my mind so alive with questions and possibilities that I reached out to the team and asked if there was someway to stay in touch with them. Before I knew it, I ended up as a regular panelist on the show, and involved in Catalyst proposals. It’s been a learning curve and incredibly thrilling.

Those are some of the elements to this feeling of needing to be aware, of the time I have, and the time I’m living through.

I take into account the world we’re living in today. To list a few of the many concerns: lockdowns, and governmental failures: state sanctioned massacres (The Uyghur in China & Lekki Tollgate and the murder that’s taken place in different parts of Nigeria most immediately spring to mind), and closer to home elected members of governance voting to allow children to go hungry during a serious economic downturn, an as stated pandemic.

Seeing, experiencing, and deeply feeling all of these things (and more) it can be a lot.

I think a pre 2020 verion of myself might have been feeling disheartened and powerless, overwhelmed by a sense of powerlessness. The me that’s been forged in the fire of one globally traumatic even after another though? That me feels determined, cognizant of the power of my voice, of the strength of human collectives. I feel hope, and inspiration seeing the vitality and strength of the human spirit in the face of seemingly insurmountable problems. I see those who source their power from the people being hit with the realisation that they will be accountable for their actions.

These feelings, hopes, and certainties have come from living through those periods of dejection. Feeling at a loss for what to do and how to fix things. The impotence and the rage at injustice. These wre all things I felt in the aftermath of George Floyd. It was through community that I was able to start to make sense of things. It was through being in holding spaces that I decided my healing could come through unapologetic and vibramt living.

So this in a nutshell is what’s been keeping me occupied. Patenthood, school, a blockchain rabbit hole 🕳 , AfroFinLab, global governmental ineptitude and self reflection. For me their true significance is in their potential to be forces for massive change, to overturning archaic oppressive systems that don’t serve the people from which they draw their authority. I believe we are on the cusp of rebuilding and reimagining what and how the world can be. That’s incredibly meaningful to me.

I’ll end with this video from AfroFinLab.

An idea who’s time has come

Take care of yourself,


Journaling as a mainstay

(A letter style entry about Covid 19- heads up so you can choose whethere you’re in the headspace to read this now or wish to return later)

Hello lovely,

How are you? Thanks for coming back and reading another one of these. I’m happy to have you here with me. I want today’s blogpost to read like a letter. I hope you enjoy the change in format.

The not so new news is Coronavirus. Global pandemic, lockdown, and quarantine are some of the keywords of the current times. A huge element of being instructed to stay indoors is challenging for me. Obviously as someone who has been sectioned (almost a decade ago now) it is not surprising that this feels very close to the skin. Autonomy is something of a theme that keeps on cropping up this year.

I don’t this is limited to me and my experiences though. I believe that it’s an entirely human feeling, to instinctively recoil at a command that seeks to keep you confined. Isn’t prison seens as a crime and punishment system? It’s punishing because your freedom of movement is voided. (We’ll talk another day about how prison also seems to void human rights, and the whole rehabilitation issue. I have huge feelings around institutionising humans.)

I find myself deeply concerned about the long term implications of our current conditions.

Today the Govt spokepeoples were talking about secondary deaths due to Cv19 they talked about comorbidity. They talked about “BAME” ( slowly coming to really dislike that term) covid rates. I waited with baited breath for them to talk about class, race, poverty how these things intersect with people’s likelihood to contract the illness, how they correlate with how likely they are offered treatment/testing or not believed and sent off …. of course this was not mentioned. Of course not.

Though “the pandemic” has all but painted bold the social inequalities that are built into the very fabric of many of our societies, by many it still goes unseen, unspoken about, and out of awareness.

There’s been such loss and grief.

Numerous people, souls who laughed, thought, felt, loved, were lights, complicated, joyous, passionate, have departed this life.

My Lord grant solace to all those grieving, and soothe them in their experience of loss, of breaking, and hurting.

It’s now more than ever that we realise the value of community perhaps. It feels like another thing that’s been painted bold. This spiritual human interconnectedness. This is a light, and I have hopes that this reconnection to our sense of collective purpose strengthens throughout and beyond this time.

There’s been a whole host of different experiences I guess, and it’s just, I think societies are bound to change in many unimaginable ways on the other side of this. Im hoping to be a part of the effort to make sure this is a “for the better” outcome than a “for the worse” type of thing. Tie your camel, and leave the rest to Him.

So having put things into context of course there’s a lot of feelings and emotions coming up, some mine, some the feelings of others that i feel so easily atuned to (hello, extraverted feeling). My current experience is that it’s taking even more energy than usual to maintain boundaries in that respect.

Hence I’m grateful to have journalling, as a great resource to sift through feelings, identify mine, sort them out from other people’s emotions, and then even looking into projections.

One of my new journaling experiences recently has been getting really relaxed in my body before hand, sort of floating along my mind’s currents and then feeling deeply into any emotion/memory that comes up. After that i breathe deeply, then stretch, and then turn to my journal.

There’s so much stuff coming up. Isn’t that always the case, that the more work you do, the more work there seems to be that needs doing. Such is the joy and sorrow of life.

Anyway that’s it, I just wanted to check in. And express things on here. This is history in the living, and I want to remember it exactly as it was lived for me, not however it might be reworked to fit objectives and poli-socio-economic narratives in the time after.

All the best,

take care,

Fine words Weave