Moving House! Yippee!

Hello world,
It feels like its been forever… Well such is life sometimes you have lots of time and not much to do/ say and at other times you have lots to say / do and not enough time, as my mother would say. All I can say is Alhamdulilah really (all praise is due to the almighty).
He’s truly wondrous, and works wonders.

I mean just look at this instance, I’ve been bidding for properties since late last year, and praying the whole time for me to get a nice place, when suddenly I get a call from my Careworker telling me I’m in first position for a house I’d bid for like two weeks ago, that I thought I’d been rejected for. :O. As you’d expect I am pretty chuffed.

I’ll be going for the official viewing on Tuesday, me being me though, I went down to the flat on the day that I heard to scout the area, and take measure of the environment. It doesn’t seem too bad. I also had a sneaky peak though one of the windows and saw a little bit of the kitchen. Can you say wood laminate… At least that’s what it looked like.

I even took a picture of my new front door.


My uncles coming down this Sunday to look at it with me, then Tuesday’s the viewing, after that I have another appointment for signing the tenancy etc, and then I’ll probably move in by the weekend or latest on the Monday. Woot!

I hope inside is as nice or nicer than outside… Then it’ll be perfect… Actually it’s pretty perfect, so I’ll officially not be ‘homeless’ yay!

Do y’all have any moving tips? 🙂

Moving in, The Sunnah way

Moving in can be a daunting occasion for anyone of us, I’d say it’s because we’re naturally opposed to change, but that would be exaggerating. 😉

Here are a few tips.

Take a familiar scent with you, it can be a spray, spray it everywhere. You’ll feel at home much sooner, or should I say sunnah 🙂

Try to put as much stuff as you can on the floor. (Once you’ve cleaned it of course) 😉 it’ll make you feel like a kid again, sure, but its all part of the process of getting stuck in.

Last but not least, take your time. Don’t rush yourself. Moving in can be scary or not scary depending on how you ‘approach it’ like most things in life. Maybe say a prayer, make, yourself at home, for at least three days, because wherever it is will be your home for a while. 🙂

So get started, the sunnah, the better.