Pookie Paper Co!

In September, I had the absolute pleasure of being Harriet’s first customer over at Pookie Paper Co. I think it’s the first time I’ve been the first customer somewhere.

I ordered some cute ribbon paper clips for my planner.

The packaging was so cute. It came in a lovely envelope in the mail. Even the lovely tape used to hold the clips was cute.

Unfortunately I spilled something on the envelope after I opened it, so I don’t have a pretty picture of it.

Inside the envelope was a business card, a thank you card, as well as the planner clips I bought, and one more as a gift.

I love how well they match my planner.

I think the only drawback is that these style of paper clips are perhaps more decorative than functional, be sure to secure your papers with an additional method just in case.

Do check out Hariette’s Etsy shop. She also makes lovely pencil cases, and has recently added some sticker sets to the store.

You can also find her on instagram where she sometimes hosts giveaways, coupons for her store, and also displays really beautiful planner weekly spreads.

Happy Purchasing.

Take care, and have a lovely day,

Azeezat A.B.A.

Plum Paper Planner Review

As salaam alaykum

Peace be upon you,

It’s a beautiful morning, and I am finally getting this review written,edited, and posted.

Sunrise through bedroom window
Sublime Sky

It has been a long time coming! Recently I’ve had a lot less energy, I put this down to the return of anaemia, but also I’ve had so much to do preparing for baby as well. Regardless I am so happy to be finally writing this review :).

Stay tuned to the end, for a little gift courtesy of the lovely people at Plum Paper.

The morning my beautiful planner arrived, (after two months of not so patiently waiting for it to arrive), I turned to my husband and apologised.”I’m sorry, I’m in love with this planner, I have to marry it.”

His response?

An unphased “Good for you”.

IMG_7929He’d been the unwilling audience to several speeches and much of excited gushing in the weeks leading up to it’s arrival. I spent quite a bit of time looking in to different planners, and once I decided to go with a  plum paper planner, i had a lot of fun browsing through the add ons, and choosing which ones would be of benefit to me and my life style, and help me to take task of my time, and be more productive.

Naturally I took pictures.


I like how it’s laid out, they had a few options on their etsy store, but this was my preferred layout.IMG_8205

It’s easy to use, and I can keep track of what I’m doing/ or supposed to be doing. It’s also really fun to see things organised, and play around with decorating each week.


IMG_8266I’ve found the calendar really useful as it helps me plan ahead during the month. 

At the start of each month there’s a page that allows you to set some goals that you’d like to fulfil that month, as well as things you need to remember and lined paper for notes.


There’s tabbed file dividers that separate each month.



And a double sided wallet for storing papers or stickers, or whatever else you may want to carry about in your planner.


I also chose some “add-ons”, delicious add-ons gallery here.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, I’d say I’m very happy with my purchase. Perhaps in’sha’allah (if Allah wills), I’ll get a new one around the same time next year, so far it’s working out quite well as a tool to keep me organised, and a bit more focused when it comes to achieving things every month.

Now for the gift!! 🙂

It’s a coupon code!!!

You can use the coupon code JAINBLU10 to get a discount on your order at Plum Paper, it expires 31st December 2015.

Enjoy x

Take care,

Lots of Love,

Azeezat. A.B.A