Dee-licious Shepherd’s Pie


Tonight we’ll be making Shepherd’s pie. 😊

So if you’re cooking along with me, you’ll need:
(approx) 454g of mince beef
200g mixed vegetables
A generous forkful of butter
Two medium onions
One scotch bonnet pepper
A couple of (can’t remember if I used six or seven) small-medium irish potatoes
And cheddar cheese preferably grated 100 – 200g
Cooking oil about 4-6 table spoons
All purpose seasoning (optional)
Aromatic seasoning

To begin with preheat your oven to gas mark 200

Then, put a pot of water on the hob to boil.

Next peel, and wash your potatoes.

Pop your potatoes in the boiling water.

Put a frying pan on the hob add your oil to the pan.

Pour your mince beef into the frying pan.

Whilst the oil is heating peel, rinse and slice your onions.

Add your sliced onions to the mince.20130215-232540.jpg

Fry until all of mince is browned.20130215-232633.jpg

Add all purpose seasoning, and aromat. Season to taste.

Finely chop you scotch bonnet pepper.

Pop your frozen mixed veg in a pot or pan.20130215-232914.jpg

Leave to melt/ boil/ steam.

Grate your cheese.


Add mixed veg and scotch bonnet to mince beef.


Mix together and fry for a while before taking it off the hob.

Pour this into your oven dish.20130215-235937.jpg

now to attend to the potatoes. Fair warning though, I’m no mash potato master (or should that be mistress). The point is the mash potatoes did not end up as fluffy as I would have liked them to. Regardless I’ll do my best. Even though I didn’t use one I’d really recommend buying a potato masher. It’s a really useful kitchen utensil. Now that’s been said, on to the mash 😊

To begin with, you’ll want to be pouring some of the water out of the pot. Be careful not to scald yourself when doing this.

Then, put the pot back on the hob.

Ideally you’d use a potato masher for this next part but a fork and a wooden spoon will do in a pinch.

Your potatoes should be soft and easy to mash.

Using your utensils mash the potatoes.


Check that the potatoes are soft all the way through though, and if needed add water, and leave to boil to soften.

Next add butter to the mix, and mix in whilst it melts.

You should be left with nice and fluffy mashed potatoes.

This you should be able to spoon out on top of the mince and veg mix. 20130215-235928.jpg

Spread the mash so it covers the layer of mince and veg.

Top the potato with the cheese you grated earlier.

Pop the dish in the oven for 20 – 30 minutes, or until cheese is golden brown.

Remove from oven. You can leave it to cool for about five minutes.

Then cut.



And enjoy.

Thanks for cooking with me. I hope you enjoy your meal.