Words on Words

โ€œSpending all day ‘speaking’ about words? Bliss ๐Ÿฅบโ€

  • Fine Words Weave: (2) Letter To Allah with Saffiyah | show notes & transcript
    Show Notes Hey dear listener, this episode our guest is Saffiyah of Slaya’s diary. Together we delve into her poetic journey, we speak about grief and experiencing loss at an early age, of hope, and of how much writing can be a pouring out that can make space for clarity to emerge. You can connect with Saffiyah at https://www.instagram.com/slayasdiary/ Transcript Azeezat Adeola A B A 0:00Peace, mercy and blessings, beloved listener, this is fine words we, I’m your host, Aziza Adeola. A, B, A. For me, words have always drawn me in and sparked my curiosity. An interesting turn of … Continue reading Fine Words Weave: (2) Letter To Allah with Saffiyah | show notes & transcript
  • Fine Words Weave Podcast!
    I started a podcast! It’s called Fine Words Weave, quite naturally, and it’s a celebration of poetry and other beautiful words. The first episode is out now, and the weekly show notes, and episode transcripts will be shared on this page! I’m still figuring this out, as the idea dropped in my spirit on Friday night, and I moved straight on through to creating it, so that by Saturday morning I was already sharing the link with people. I have a number of guests that I’m looking forward to bringing on. Some of the poets who’s work inspires and moves … Continue reading Fine Words Weave Podcast!
  • Sunrise & a poem.
    I am like… – by A. Sister I am like the wind, In my twirls and whines, whispering in the boughs of the trees. Pushing, tumultuous, but playful, and kind. I am like the sea, Or is it the rain? Water still, calm before the storm Tempestuous though, Do you feel my chains? I am like the earth, dry and cracked in the heat of the day, but a cool resting place at night. I am solid like the earth, Do you feel my plight? I am like the fire, A hearth, or a warm stove, at the very heart … Continue reading Sunrise & a poem.

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